ProPulse® Speed Trainers sync up your body using audible feedback (sound) and dynamic feedback (shifting weight) to help dial in your cadence, stride, contact time on the ground, vertical force and helps convert the energy typically wasted in your upper body (hands, arms, trunk) to improve overall running "economy" decreasing your overall workload and increasing speed.  

ProPulse® Speed Trainers come complete with drills, training, and workout videos that teach everything you need to know from the basic to the advanced techniques.  

As soon as ProPulse® Speed Trainers are in your hands you will feel the difference. 

ProPulse® Speed Trainers train your body to run faster and more efficiently. Whether you train with them 10 minutes before a run, or use them during your run, ProPulse® Speed Trainers are patented to help improve your cadence, contact time, stride, joint loading, and overall running economy.

Shifting weight: 
Creating dynamic feedback & sensory feeling.

Fluted Design:  
Creating a delay component & grip comfort.

Audible Feedback:  
Created by the shifting weight & fluted design to set rhythm and timing.

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take it from the them.

It's all in your hands.  

Ergonomically designed to fit in your hands- just grab the ProPulser® Speed Trainers and go. Simple as that.

You don't need a science degree, apps, etc. All you need is you. ProPulse® Speed Trainers work with your natural body movements and come complete with new and advanced running techniques.

Easy to use.

Inside, outside, daily training, warm-up before a run, or using during your run. ProPulse® Speed Trainers can be used anywhere. Small enough to fit in your pocket, big enough chance the way you run.

Anytime. Anywhere.

watch. learn. improve.

how they work.

how they fit in your routine.

Long Distance


Warm up

Train with ProPulse® Speed Trainers 10-20 minutes as a warm up before your run to establish cadence, stride and unify upper/lower body during your run.

Routine training for 15 minutes a day with the ProPulse® Speed Trainers will help dial in your cadence, stride, & sync your entire body for better economy.

Use the shifting weight in the ProPulse® Speed Trainers during speed training to help your body find and generate more vertical force and faster ground contact time.


Shift Happens

Let the Rhythm Hit'em

The shifting weight inside the ProPulse® Speed Trainers provides sensory feedback which helps improve contact time and generate optimal vertical force.

The Propulse® Speed Trainers  produce audible feedback (sound) to establish rhythm & timing snycing up cadence and stride.

proof is in the pudding.


satisfaction guaranteed.

Small enough to fit in you Pocket. 

Big enough to change the way you run.

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simplicity is key.

Cadence and Stride

ProPulse® Speed Trainers help you find optimal cadence and stride.

ProPulse® Speed Trainers help improve time on the ground and vertical force. 

Contact Time and Vertical Force  

Contact Time and 
Vertical Force

Running Ecomony

ProPulse® Speed Trainers help integrate you upper and lower body to work as one system.

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You can run for years and not realize the importance of cadence, contact time, over striding and vertical force as it relates to injuries and running economics. 

Here's a quick breakdown:


The number of steps per minute. Take shorter steps to reduce joint loading and injury. Take longer steps without overstriding to improve ecomony at higher speeds.  


The horizontal difference between the center of mass and the ankle when the foot hits the ground. Excessive distance is called overstriding & hurts economy.

Contact Time 

The time each foot spends in contact with ground. Make this time short as possible for best running economy. ProPulse® Speed Trainers help get off the ground faster.

Vertical Force   

The force generated to support body weight and launch it back into the air.  Force in a short period of time promotes high speed ecomony. Force generated in longer time is easier on joint loading.

It's in your hands

The Propulse® Speed Trainers help recruit your upper body (hands, arms, trunk) to promote optimal efficiency.  

Jerome Avery.

Three-time Olympic track and field Gold medalist

Two-time Paralympic track and field Gold medalist

"The ProPulse® Speed Trainers make me feel more powerful with every step."

Marcus Santi.

Master's Track & Field National Champion.

Silver Medalist in Master’s Track and Field in Italy

"When I run with the ProPulse® Speed Trainers, they make me feel like I'm 25 years old again"

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Shifting weight: 
Creating dynamic feedback & sensory feeling.

Fluted Design:  
Creating a delay component & grip comfort.

what's under the hood.

Audible Feedback:
Created by the shifting weight & fluted design to set rhythm and timing.

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